Hot stamps for burning » on wood

We produce stamps hot stamps for wood burning, cardboard, leather and other materials.

Material: steel (thickness 8-10mm);
Heating element: we can add an heating element to your stamp (size 30х30 mm), or add powerful heater (200 Wt - 1 kWt).

Stamps for burning are used for:
• wooden palettes marking, wooden and plastic boxes;
• furniture marking;
• marking of rubber products;
• tires marking;
• batteries marking;
• marking of cable channels;
• marking wooden materials, furniture parts, etc.;
• souvenir production, toys, pointers, plates;

Price depends on:
• size of stamp;
• complexity of stamp;

For order you need:
• send us mockup in black and white in real size in curves;
• preferably in COREL DRAW format (till version 16) or ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR (till CS3 version);
• EPS and PDF formats are acceptable;
• if you have no correct mockup, but have an idea or just image - we can help you in creating It in a right way;

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